Exclusion and Persecution

Extract from "Did something happen there?" Women in the Wesermarsch under National Socialism
, 978-3-89995-056-4 Herausgeber: Erscheinungsdatum: 2005Auflage: 1Ausführung: 100 Seiten, 40 Abb, 23,5 x 15 cm, PaperbackReihe: Band 12

In 1996 Ursula Bernhold and Almut Setje-Eilers produced their noteworthy book ‘Ist denn da was gewesen? (Did something happen there? – Women in the Wesermarsch under National Socialism, the sixth volume in the series “Frauen in der Wesermarsch” (Women in the Wesermarsch). In the book, supported by the testimony of many contemporary witnesses and including material from numerous different sources, the authors shed light on a chapter of the history both of Germany and of women in the 20th century, with special reference to this region.
With this new publication (Vol.12 of the series), the translation into English of the important chapter ‘Exclusion and Persecution’ of Vol.6 (1996), the two authors concentrate their attention on the particularly infernal activities of the Nazi regime – on the exclusion, persecution and extermination of Jews and those closely connected with them. Women and men in the Wesermarsch area, too, were victims of the murderous system.


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